Transformation Technologies offers a full range of hypnotherapeutic and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) services. Public and in-house group sessions, as well as private consultations, are available.

Individual Therapeutic Sessions

Requires no written referral Possibly requires written referral by licensed care-giver Requires written referral by licensed care-giver
Weight Loss Self Confidence Any Diagnosed Illness-
Mental or Physical
Self Improvement Procrastination Extreme Nervousness
Relaxation Techniques Nail Biting Insomnia
Improve Memory Exercise Sexual Problems
Improve Concentration Assertiveness Health Complaints
Improve Study Habits Enthusiasm Uncontrollable Anger
Exam Preparation Regression Work Extreme Guilt
Master Exam Anxiety Depression
Improve Sports Ability Pain Management
Speed Reading Any True Phobia
Enhance Creativity Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Improve Salesmanship Fibromyalgia
Reiki Treatments/Attunements

Medical Hypnotherapy

Referral Form

Courses, Speaking Engagements, Seminars, and Certifications

Additionally, Transformation Techologies offers either standard or customized training in Anniston, Alabama, on-site in various locations in the United States or internationally, or as part of an established conference.

  • Keynote speeches
  • Corporate Training
  • Neuro-Linquistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certifications
  • Hypnotherapy Training for Health Care Professionals
  • Accelerated Learning Workshops
  • Advanced Workshop in Human Communication for Law Enforcement and Legal Professionals
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