07/24/2013 Finding happiness after growing up in a religious cult
08/07/2013 Healing through smiling after a history of hardships and cancer
08/21/2013 From bulimic to weight loss and exercise expert
09/04/2013 Innovative use of hypnosis for surgery patients
07/31/2013 Financial recovery for the Suddenly Single woman
08/14/2013 Curing emtional clutter through energy work
08/28/2013 Surviving the impact of growing up fatherless
09/11/2013 Change your attitude, change your life
09/11/2013 A unique approach to weight loss
09/18/2013 Turning negative life situations into motivation and purpose
09/25/2013 Keeping relationships strong by staying attractive
10/09/2013 How to turn lemons into lemonaide
10/02/2013 From wheelchair to ballroom dancing
10/16/2013 Inspiring others after surviving cancer five times
10/16/2013 Healing by focusing why healthy state exists
10/23/2013 Finding success by refusing to accept disability and defeat
10/30/2013 Inspirational stories from a hospice nurse
11/06/2013 Your childhood survival tools may be ruining your adult relationships
11/13/2013 Finding success despite life's obstacles
11/20/2013 Finding your true essence in your personal sacred stories
11/27/2013 Helping others with self esteem issues after experiencing personal setbacks
12/04/2013 Transformation through hypnosis and NLP
12/11/2013 Recovering from trauma early child sexual abuse
12/18/2013 Effectively making career changes by finding your true passion
12/25/2013 Cancer treatment through immune therapy and stress reduction
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