08/05/2007 Components of practical clinical detox programs--sauna as a therapeutic tool.
08/01/2007 Frequency and characteristics of pediatric and adolescent visits in naturopathic medical practice.
08/03/2007 Implications for education in complementary and alternative medicine.
08/07/2007 Innovations in integrative healthcare education.
08/09/2007 Integrative oncology: the last ten years--a personal retrospectve.
07/04/2008 A pilot whole systems clinical trial of traditional chinese medicine and naturopathic medicine
07/11/2008 Hypericum perforatum (St John's wort) for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children.
07/26/2008 A randomized pilot study of naturopathic medicine in multiple sclerosis.
07/13/2008 Functional chronic pain syndromes and naturopathic treatments: neurobiological foundations.
08/02/2008 Interest of naturopathic physicians in pediatric research.
08/16/2008 Fasting as part of a naturopathic treatment approach for polymyalgia rheumatica.
07/12/2008 Investigation on bioavailability of some essential and toxic elements in medicinal herbs.
07/27/2008 Traditional chinese medicine in treatment of metabolic syndrome.
08/13/2008 Herbal medicine in the United States: review of efficacy, safety, and regulation.
08/23/2008 The role of herbs and spices in cancer prevention.
08/17/2008 Education in naturopathy and western herbal medicine in Australia.
08/16/2008 Iodine: deficiency and therapeutic considerations.
08/02/2008 A pilot whole systems clinical trial of traditional chinese medicine and naturopathic medicine.
09/13/2008 Interest of naturopathic physicians in pediatric research.
09/07/2008 Survey of parents on the use of naturopathic medicine in children--characteristics and reasons.
09/04/2008 Current Status of Herbal Drugs in India: An Overview.
09/27/2008 Cost-effectiveness of naturopathic care for chronic low back pain.
09/24/2008 Requirement of scientific documentation for the development of Naturopathy.
02/19/2017 Women Sufferers of the Incurable Fibromyalgia Syndrome Targeted in a New Program
07/08/2009 The Mind/Body Connection: Energy “Medicine & Emotional Cleansing
10/05/2010 The CDC fourth national report on human exposure to environmental chemicals...
10/12/2010 Multifactorial lifestyle interventions in the primary and secondary prevention of...
10/19/2010 'Becoming accepted': The complementary and alternative medicine practitioners' response...
10/26/2010 Evidence-based complementary oncology: innovative approaches to optimise standard therapy strategies
11/02/2010 Teaching research literacy: a model faculty development program at Oregon College of...
11/09/2010 Naturopathy and the primary care practice.
05/08/2011 Natural remedy use in a prospective cohort of breast cancer patients in southern Sweden.
12/25/2011 Naturopathic Medicine
01/02/2011 Complementary therapy in palliative medicine.
01/30/2011 Role of naturopathy and yoga treatment in the management of hypertension.
02/27/2011 Toxic effects of the easily avoidable phthalates and parabens.
03/27/2011 Integration of complementary and alternative medicine into medical schools in..
12/21/2011 Supported by science?: What Canadian naturopaths advertise to the public.
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