03/15/2011 Insight into Subconscious Programming of Kundalini and Chakra Energy Centers
10/02/2011 Dr. James Oschman on Energy Medicine
08/12/2007 The Role of Energy in Radically Changing Medicine
08/08/2007 Energy healing: a complementary treatment for orthopaedic and other conditions.
12/05/2007 The Human Energy Field and the Invisible Universe
01/27/2008 Failed Tinnitus Case
05/29/2008 EFT: Some New Ways of Understanding How and Why it Works
06/25/2008 Erase Combat PTSD with EFT
05/02/2009 Emotional Freedom Techniques - EFT - Learn in 5 minutes!
05/22/2008 EFT Tapping and Electromagnetic Energy: Understanding How it May Work
09/21/2009 Let's Talk Alternative Healing
10/27/2009 Monsters Of The Id
11/17/2009 The Therapeutic Process
12/01/2009 Forcing Functions In The Subconscious Mind
11/24/2009 Heal & Improve Everything
12/14/2009 Energetic or Psychological Contamination
07/04/2009 A New “Instant” Energy Therapy
03/04/2010 Tribrain Trauma Therapy
04/09/2010 Biofield therapies: energy medicine and primary care
04/15/2010 Bioelectromagnetic and subtle energy medicine: the interface between mind and matter
04/23/2010 An HMO-based prospective pilot study of energy medicine for chronic headaches
04/30/2010 Six pillars of energy medicine: clinical strengths of a complementary paradigm
07/25/2009 EFT is a Great Option for Treating Anxiety
11/10/2009 Problem Solutions
01/14/2010 Energy Psychology: Like Yoga for Your Imagination
02/22/2010 The Role Your Brain Plays in Memory
01/28/2010 Alternating Brain Hemisphere Activity and Bilateral Brain Stimulation with WHEE*
06/03/2010 Energy Psychology
08/03/2010 Energy psychology and thought field therapy in the treatment of tinnitus
08/17/2010 Are we close to a theory of energy medicine?
08/31/2010 Energy medicine for long-term disabilities
09/07/2010 Energy medicine and the unifying concept of information
08/10/2010 A personal perspective on energies in future energy medicine
08/24/2010 Energy medicine for the internist
10/06/2010 Mrs. X - an EFT Case History
01/02/2010 Tumor Dissolved - Chi Lel Kung Healing
10/23/2011 Energy Healing One - 04 - Five Minute Energy Routine
12/11/2011 Dr. James Oschman on Energy Medicine
11/26/2011 Energy healing for cancer: a critical review.
12/02/2011 Biofield therapies in cardiovascular disease management: a brief review.
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