05/03/2011 Healthy Eating versus Eating to Survive
10/03/2005 Treatment of binge eating with automatic word processing and self-hypnosis
11/04/2006 Clear Your Negative Body Image
09/27/2005 False beliefs about fattening foods can have healthy consequences
03/05/2007 Hypnotizability, eating behaviors, attitudes, and concerns: a literature survey.
03/14/2007 Abstracts of Studies on Hypnotherapy and Weight Reduction
01/23/2007 Losing it: Dateline ultimate diet challenge
03/12/2008 Strategies, How You Decide What You Do
05/27/2008 Debra Mittler
05/22/2008 Eating Disorders
08/01/2008 Hypnotic alteration of body image in the eating disordered.
11/19/2008 Suggesting childhood food illness results in reduced eating behavior.
01/08/2009 Use of complementary and alternative therapies by overweight and obese adults.
04/22/2009 Successful weight-loss maintenance in relation to method of weight loss.
08/04/2009 Using Hypnotherapy to Clear the Metabolic Programming that Prevents Weight Loss
09/07/2009 Self-Calibration for Controlling Your Weight
10/13/2009 EFT – Overcome Fear, Cravings, Obesity
10/20/2009 EFT – Overcome Fear, Cravings, Obesity: CLIENT CASE STORY
06/22/2009 Complementary and alternative therapies for weight loss.
03/18/2010 The Weight of Wait
12/10/2009 You May Need to Release Weight, But Do You Have The Motivation?
03/16/2010 Hypnosis in treating an obese early teen – A case study
05/03/2010 Is Work Killing You? (Part I)
05/10/2010 Is Work Killing You? (Part 2)
07/10/2014 Unconscious agendas in the etiology of refractory obesity and the role of hypnosis...
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