07/03/2006 Intensive hypnotherapy for smoking cessation: a prospective study
11/03/2006 Smoke-free hospitals and the role of smoking cessation services
04/03/2006 A meta-analysis of gender, smoking cessation, and hypnosis:a brief communication
03/11/2011 Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation.
06/03/2011 Stop smoking easily with hypnosis - amazing 95% success!
06/25/2011 Effects of a mindfulness-based smoking cessation program for an adult...
11/03/2005 Alternative methods of nicotine dependence treatment
08/03/2005 Nicotine addiction and current therapy of smoking cessation
11/05/2004 Alternative therapies for tobacco dependence
06/01/1991 Treatment of smoking
02/23/2007 Complementary treatments for tobacco cessation: a survey.
03/30/2007 Successful interventions for smoking cessation in pregnancy.
01/30/2008 A game for smokers: A preliminary naturalistic trial in a psychiatric hospital.
04/16/2008 Gender-related differences in hypnosis-based treatments for smoking: a follow-up meta-analysis.
04/22/2008 Nonpharmacologic management of common skin and psychocutaneous disorders.
06/04/2008 Gender-related differences in hypnosis-based treatments for smoking: a follow-up meta-analysis.
06/23/2008 The Great American Nicotine Myth
07/28/2008 Hypnosis for smoking cessation: A randomized trial.
06/30/2008 Test Your Knowledge: Ten Questions on Tobacco Addiction
08/25/2008 The ABC of smoking cessation
10/25/2008 Outpatient interventions for adolescent substance abuse: A quality of evidence review.
11/02/2008 Differences between daily smokers, chippers, and nonsmokers with co-occurring anxiety and alcohol-us
10/22/2008 Message framing for smoking cessation: the interaction of risk perceptions and gender.
04/27/2009 Smoking cessation with varenicline: a suicidal fatality.
08/17/2010 How to Quit Smoking by "Focusing on breathing"
07/15/2009 Self-reported smoking cessation activities among Swiss primary care physicians.
07/24/2009 Interventions for smoking cessation in hospitalised patients.
05/04/2010 The role of smoking cessation in the prevention of coronary artery disease
04/29/2011 High expectation in non-evidence-based smoking cessation interventions among smokers-
09/26/2011 An investigation of smoking cessation video content on YouTube.
04/24/2012 Use of the target group index survey to evaluate the cigarette smoking profile in Saudi Arabia.
03/26/2012 The challenge of smoking cessation
07/26/2012 Group hypnotherapy versus group relaxation for smoking cessation: an RCT study protocol.
03/05/2013 The pharmacist "toolbox" for smoking cessation...
05/07/2013 Hypnosis for smoking cessation: group and individual treatment-a free choice study.
01/30/2014 Group hypnosis vs. relaxation for smoking cessation in adults: a cluster-randomised controlled trial
08/28/2014 Hypnotherapy is more effective than nicotine replacement therapy for smoking cessation...
07/29/2014 Digital detection for tobacco control: online reactions...
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