11/04/2006 Guided Imagery for Cardiac ICU & Cardiac Rehab Patients
12/01/2006 Relaxation Response and Severe Heart Failure
07/03/2006 The effect of hypnotherapeutic ego strengthening and coronary arteries
01/18/2006 Identification of children who may benefit from self-hypnosis at a pediatric pulmonary center
11/03/2006 Effect of autogenic training on cardiac autonomic nervous activity in high-risk fire service workers
07/03/2005 Teamwork approach to clinical hypnosis at a pediatric pulmonary center.
12/02/2006 Marital Stress Worsens Prognosis in Women with Coronary Heart Disease
11/20/2006 Self-Hypnosis for Patients with Cystic Fibrosis and Pediatric Pulmonology
12/13/2006 State of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Cardiovascular, Lung, and Blood Research
11/29/2006 Hynosis Compared to Sedation During Angioplasty
11/30/2006 Integrative Noetic Therapies as Adjuncts to Percutaneous Intervention During Unstable Coronary
02/08/2007 The effect of hypnotherapeutic ego strengthening with female spouses coronary patients
04/28/2007 Hypnosis prevents the cardiovascular response to cold pressor test.
06/21/2007 Hypnosis prevents the cardiovascular response to cold pressor test.
06/11/2008 Hypnotizability-dependent modulation of the changes in heart rate control induced by upright stance.
03/17/2008 Hypnotic enhancement of creative drawing.
07/22/2008 Heart-rate control during pain and suggestions of analgesia without deliberate induction of hypnosis
10/17/2008 Heart-rate variability as a quantitative measure of hypnotic depth.
06/25/2015 You can Lower Cholesterol with the Food You Eat!!
10/14/2009 Cardiac Autonomic Regulation under Hypnosis Assessed by Heart Rate Variability
06/01/2010 Hypnotherapeutic ego strengthening with male South African...
08/09/2012 Measured outcomes with hypnosis as an experimental tool in a cardiovascular physiology laboratory.
04/30/2013 The effects of hypnosis on heart rate variability.
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