11/13/2006 Stress Reduction and Organ Transplate Recipients
11/11/2006 Hyponisis and Surgical Outcomes
12/17/2006 Imagery and Tonsillectomy in Children
01/04/2007 Brief presurgery hypnosis reduces distress and pain in excisional breast biopsy patients
01/25/2007 Mind-Body Interventions for Surgery: Evidence and Exigency
09/03/2006 Closed-loop control of mean arterial blood pressure during surgery with alfentanil
12/16/2006 Tape recorded hypnosis in oral and maxillofacial surgery--basics and first clinical experience
05/03/2006 Hypnosis reduces preoperative anxiety in adult patients
04/02/2007 Perioperative hypnosis reduces hospitalization in patients undergoing the Nuss procedure.
02/12/2007 Surgeons and shamans: the placebo value of ritual
05/01/2007 Effect of a balanced anaesthetic technique using desflurane and remifentanil on surgical conditions.
07/23/2007 Hypnosis for acute distress management during medical procedures.
07/25/2007 Evidence-based clinical hypnosis for obstetrics, labor and delivery, and preterm labor.
07/18/2007 Effective anxiety treatment prior to diagnostic cardiac catheterization.
05/12/2008 A brief hypnosis intervention to control side effects in breast surgery.
04/23/2008 Hypnosis to alleviate perioperative anxiety and stress: a journey to challenge ideas.
05/29/2008 The effects of prayer, relaxation technique during general anesthesia on recovery outcomes.
05/01/2008 Preoperative hypnotherapy in the management of a child with anticipatory nausea and vomiting.
06/25/2008 Clinical hypnosis for reduction of atrial fibrillation after coronary artery bypass graft surgery.
02/03/2009 Hypnosis as sole anesthesia for major surgeries: historical & contemporary perspectives.
10/13/2010 Relaxation strategies for patients during dermatologic surgery.
12/16/2014 The effectiveness of suggestive techniques in reducing postoperative side effects...
12/23/2014 Hypnosis-induced mental training improves performance on the Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery...
09/10/2013 Reconditioning the stress response with hypnosis CD reduces the inflammatory cytokine IL-6 ...
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